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Providing support to join the High-Tech Park

High-Tech Park (HTP) is an IT cluster with a special tax regime for companies operating in the field of information technology. HTP is an extraterritorial zone, meaning that residents can enjoy benefits and preferences regardless of the location of the office (however, within the territory of Belarus).

In 2018, Belarus took a vector for the development of the IT industry and the creation of a new digital economy centered around the High-Tech Park (Presidential Decree No. 8 was signed on December 21, 2017 and entered into force on March 28, 2018). Decree No. 8 gave the Park a new round and momentum for development and as a result the number of residents has grown many times and this growth is ongoing.

ASER provides support for joining the HTP acting as a consultant and developer of a business project, which is the necessary and main document for receiving the status of a HTP resident. It is estimated that our company provides this kind of services to every tenth resident of HTP. ASER has created a demanded package of services, and we are very friendly to start-ups and small companies. Our portfolio currently includes both promising start-ups and IT corporations with more than 5000 employees, and the geography of our clients covers many countries of the world from China to the USA.

Benefits and preferences of the HTP:

  1. free circulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens
  2. tax exemption for mining and circulation of tokens
  3. income tax exemption of HTP residents
  4. HTP residents’ employees pay income tax in the amount of 9%
  5. social security tax is calculated from the amount equal to the one-time average wage of workers in Belarus
  6. the tax rate on income of foreign organizations on dividends is 5%
  7. exemption from customs duties and VAT on the import of equipment necessary for the implementation of investment projects
  8. no subsidiary liability for HTP residents
  9. HTP residents do not need permits to attract foreign citizens to work, etc.
  10. HTP is governed by the elements of English law (options, convertible loans, etc.)
Decided to join the HTP?
Company registration in Belarus
Office lease agreement
Agreement for accounting services
Business plan development
Consultations in the HTP
Document package submission into the HTP
Support to join the HTP
You are the HTP resident

ASER does not guarantee entry into the HTP. We provide consulting services and support.

Business project structure for the HTP

A business project for entry into the HTP is developed in an approved form and contains the following main sections:

  1. Summary
  2. Characteristics of the company and its development strategy
  3. Goods description (works, services, property rights) planned for production under the project
  4. Market analysis
  5. Current and planned financial and economic activities results
  6. Investment plan. Investment projects
  7. Corporate social responsibility
  8. Passport of a legal entity

The advantage of working with ASER in joining the HTP is that we have up-to-date information on the activities of the Park. We know the nuances and specifics of the entry process, have extensive experience in developing business projects and work until the moment of receiving the status of resident of the HTP. Meaning that as a reliable and experienced consultant we go all the way from beginning to end with you.

Especially for you we have developed the HTP calculator where you can analyze the effect of using the tax benefits of the High-Tech Park for all types of taxes in comparison with the current (planned) situation and taking into account the specified indicators. Calculate how much you will save when you become a resident of HTP!

Thousand BYN per month
% of revenue
Thousand BYN
% of net profit

Calculated indicators, BYN K

Tax title
Tax w/out HTP
Tax with HTP


Single tax at STS (Simplified tax system)

HTP administration charge

Social Security charge

Income tax

Profit tax

Dividends tax

Total paid taxes

Monthly saving

Yearly saving

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