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Deal: fundraising for ANALYTICS AND MONITORING

Дата публикации: 01.09.2021

привлеченное финансирования для АНАЛИТИКА И МОНИТОРИНГ

ASER acted as a financial advisor to a group of investors in conducting financial due diligence and forecasting the company’s value, structuring M&A transactions. As a result of cooperation, Analytics and Monitoring LLC attracted funding from a group of investors. The deal took place in the form of mezzanine financing, a share was acquired by a group of investors. The company plans to use the raised funds for further development in Belarus: marketing and promotion, development of new products and strengthening the team.

Analytics and Monitoring LLC, an HTP resident, is engaged in the production, installation and maintenance of equipment for measuring readings of electricity, heat energy, etc. using the ANMO monitoring platform.

Analytical and monitoring platform “ANMO” is a software and hardware complex for industrial monitoring, visualization and data dispatching. ANMO software is located on a cloud server and collects, processes and organizes data received from sensors and controllers installed in the premises and on the customer’s equipment in a 24/7 format. Visualization of the received and systematized information is displayed on the Customer’s devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone) in a convenient form.

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