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How to work out a company development strategy in 2023?

Дата публикации: 23.01.2023

Как правильно разработать стратегию развития компании и реализовать её на практике?

On January 20, the Economic Newspaper published an article about the methodological manual “Development Strategies in the New Reality” published in December, authored by ASER partners. “The best thing that top managers can do after reading is to use the practical advice of the authors to digitize (or recalculate) their strategies,” the author of the article writes.

Most people think that planning and making forecasts for the future in today’s realities is not something reasonable, from the fact that many take short-term goals without concrete studies of plans. As practice shows, there is also tracking among people employed in the business sector.

The methodological manual is intended for financial and financial indicators, financial planning and economic departments, financial financial services.

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