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Who is going to invest money in Belarus?

Дата публикации: 31.08.2022

As expected, the global and local crises of recent years have affected the activity of foreign investors in Belarus. Which investors are now showing interest in Belarusian assets? Should we expect a further outflow of foreign investment, and what is the portrait of potential new players in the Belarusian market in the current situation?

ASER Managing Partner Oleg Ilyin discussed these questions with Belorusy i Rynok (Belarusians and the Market) the analytical newspaper.

Oleg described the current situation with the inflow of foreign capital into the national economy in terms of geography and a foreign investor portrait and the most attractive sectors, explained the importance of maintaining investment activity by Belarusian businesses, and assessed the prospects for further development of the capital market.

The full version of the article is available here

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