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Business and assets valuation

Our company provides business and asset valuation services. Business valuation performed by ASER always includes an in-depth financial, organizational, and technological analysis of the company’s activities and work, as well as past, present, and forecast revenues, development prospects, and the market’s competitive environment.

Business valuation is equally important for small- and mid-sized businesses as well as large companies. Such an analysis is necessary not only before selling a business – the obtained data on the real state of a company can help determine the most effective option for the further development of the company and make an effective economic decision.


The work algorithm for business and asset valuation includes:

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preliminary interview and collection of initial information (financial statements, creditworthiness, assets, company equity, etc.)
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the primary analysis of the evaluated company
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detailed analysis of the market, company niche, and competitiveness
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analysis of the company's financial and economic activities
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selection of valuation techniques, development of a financial model, and calculations themselves
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publication of the final report on the valuation of the financial conditions of the company

Valuation goals

Our clients use business valuation services for the following purposes:

determination of the current market value of the company in M&A transactions
improving management efficiency and maximizing the value of the company
company restructuring (liquidation, merger, acquisition, spin-off)
making property contributions of the owners to the stockholders’ equity
determination of the company creditworthiness and the collateral value for lending
determination of the assets market value for insurance