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Venture financing

Our team has vast local and international expertise in dealing with investment and venture funds as well as solid experience in implementing such transactions on the Belarusian market with various types of investors.

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Strategic investors. Investors that are interested in business management, sales markets, production processes - in everything that strengthens their strategic position. Such an investor can be a Belarusian company or an international company interested in expansion into the Belarusian market.
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Financial investors. Investors focused on finding companies with potential for business value growth. A financial investor does not directly participate in the company management in which he has invested but presents certain demands for the business: transparency, development strategy (business plan), the possibility of his own exit from the project.
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Private equity funds. Our company can be useful in raising capital from private equity funds operating in Belarus (Zubr Capital, EBRD, etc.) and foreign funds that consider Belarus as one of their target markets.
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Venture investments. ASER has vast experience in attracting venture capital investments in Belarus. We have been cooperating with the RBF Ventures fund (AgroDronGroup, RocketData, APIBank, etc. were financed with our participation) since 2017. Our company has built solid relationships with almost all venture capital funds in Belarus, business angels (AngelsBand, ICLUB), and there are over 3000 funds for investments at various stages in our international database.

Starting your own business project and looking for foreign investment? Does the business need support to develop and increase profits? Contact ASER specialists and we will help you find financing at any stage:

  • business inception. We will participate in the product development, define the strategies for entering the market and initial promotion to present the project to investors in the best possible way;
  • business development. If the project is functioning but requires investments, ASER will help to identify points of potential growth, start active promotion and take up positions in foreign markets;
  • business strengthening. When income is stable, it is important to strengthen your position in the market. Investors’ funds can help to bypass competitors.

ASER performs a full study of current positions, assesses risks and compiles a matrix of decisions and alternatives and provide a full report to potential investors.

We will find funds for startups

Young projects based on the idea and enthusiasm of inventors need help. ASER will capture attention on the project of:

  • business angels. This is a category of investors who are willing to take risks and invest in startups from scratch if they are impressed by the idea. Business angels help to develop and proceed to the first profit;
  • growth accelerators. ASER will pitch the startup idea to large companies who may find it practical and effective;
  • Grants are provided for promising projects but they will have to go through several stages of the competition and, if they win, prepare reports on the use of funds. ASER will lead a startup through a winding path;
  • venture funds. If you want to enter the international market, you will need a pitch deck, a sound presentation of the project relevance.

Fundraising even through crowdfunding requires careful preparation. ASER guarantees attention to a young project. Investors can be both “reliable”, based on the stability of the business, and aggressive, ready to take risks and losses, so every startup has a chance to develop.

We will help to scale up the project and discover new markets

If the business is already profitable, it is important to develop it further. ASER offers to raise funds. We will also help you negotiate with banks that have a lot of requirements: the ability to repay a loan, stable profitability.

We offer a complete action strategy:

  • preparation of a business plan with a detailed description of project support by a specific financial institution;
  • development of a complete document package for external financing;
  • restructuring and refinancing of loans.

ASER works with Belarusian banks, international and foreign financial institutions: with the Eurasian Development Bank, NEFCO, Commerzbank.

We take into account every aspect

Our experts carefully consider every detail:

  • determine the range of potential sources of financing and ways to attract foreign investment depending on the current state of the business;
  • choose the type of financing based on the capabilities of the project;
  • we help to attract attention to the business, including creating an advertising campaign on the Internet;
  • we write a detailed business plan and create presentations for investors;
  • We calculate the risks and look for alternatives.

Contact ASER and get the help of experts in fundraising and investments.