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ASER Research MasterClass

Дата публикации: 23.09.2022

Вчера представители ASER делились своей экспертизой в области маркетинга в Центре делового образования БелТПП. «Маркетинговые исследования: взгляд практиков» - на такую тему провели семинар управляющий партнер Олег Ильин и начальник отдела исследований

Yesterday ASER representatives shared their marketing expertise at the Business Education Center of the BelCCI.

Marketing Research: the View of Practical Persons is a topic of a seminar conducted by Managing Partner Oleg Ilyin and Head of Research and Analytics Maria Marshina.

The participants of the event discussed types of marketing research, what sections of the research to include, where to get information, and how to correctly determine the factors that influence the market.

The listeners were able to transfer knowledge to practice, solving business tasks and analyzing real cases.

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