Financial modeling

Финансовое моделированиеThe ASER team provides financial modeling services and the development of possible scenario analyzes of various situations to make strategic decisions on business management and development for owners and top managers.

Based on the results of the financial models’ development, we provide our customers with all source documents and prepare analytical reports or presentations for top managers and owners.


The financial model development algorithm includes:

aser услуги
raw data collection and analysis
aser услуги
highlighting key factors and parameters of the model
aser услуги
macroeconomic and external environment analysis (inflation, prices, interest rates, exchange rates)
aser услуги
creation and comparison of models of alternative scenarios of business development or investment projects
aser услуги
calculation of investment and financial indicators
aser услуги
stress test of a business or project to change the characteristics of the external environment

What do we do?

Our clients ask to the financial modeling service for the following:

evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of investment projects
development of the investment policy of the enterprise
modeling various business development scenarios
creation of a risk management system
forecasting the financial condition of the company
forecasting cash flows and various financial indicators

Our projects

Великий Камень

Финансовая модель развития Индустриального парка «Великий камень» до 2030 года


Финансовая модель развития сети АЗС ПО «Белоруснефть» на 5 лет


Финансовая модель комплекса зданий для размещения центрального аппарата банка


Финансовая модель перспективного развития группы компаний


Финансовая модель организации производства хлебобулочных изделий

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