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M&A transactions

ASER is one of the leading players in the investment banking market for mid-cap companies in Belarus. Our boutique helps business owners to reach the most comprehensive list of potential buyers and partners, as we are in permanent contact with the key players in the real economy and the financial market, and also have direct access to decision-makers.

ASER’s vast experience in the business analysis allows us to identify and emphasize the investment attractiveness factors, as well as to create the proper business positioning in the investment process.

Our team’s expertise in the successful closing of transactions allows us to identify the main risks of the target companies, as well as to effectively negotiate the most economically beneficial terms of the transaction for business buyers.

Range of services

ASER provides a range of services for:

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development of financial models, investment memorandums, teasers, and company presentations for subsequent distribution to a limited number of potential investors
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due diligence and comprehensive financial and market analysis of the company (market position, competitive advantages, business prospects, etc.)
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company’s valuation using various applicable methods
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development of a strategy for attracting a strategic or financial investor
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defining a map of strategic or financial investors
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development of a transaction structure for the entry or exit of shareholders
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financial consulting in structuring and conditioning of transactions
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developing a strategy to increase business transparency and the level of corporate governance aimed at increasing the company's capitalization

We solve the following tasks

Below is a range of tasks clients most often turn to our company for:

creation of investment documentation development and the project packaging
sale of mid- and large-cap businesses / exit of individual shareholders from the business
assets acquisition in the Belarusian market by foreign companies
attracting investments from VC and PE funds
business valuation when entering or exiting a business, company mergers
evaluation of investment attractiveness of industries and companies

Our company always creates an individual approach to every client and every transaction. A thorough understanding of the Belarusian and the global investment map, expertise, and continuous interaction with key market stakeholders (banks, funds, the largest group of companies) allow us to effectively solve assigned tasks and to fully meet our clients’ needs.

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