Research and Analysis

ASER provides professional marketing research services for management decisions when entering new markets and implementing investment projects as well as developing marketing and export strategies.

Top world corporations and international organizations rely on our company in Belarus to conduct research and prepare analytical reports on identifying market trends, assessing the capacity of markets and the pace of their development, analyzing the competitive environment and key players, monitoring prices, macroeconomics, etc.

Besides, we work with leading companies in the country studying domestic markets as well as market research of neighboring and foreign countries.

школа экспорта

The ASER team directly participated in the development of the BelCCI Export School business course as part of the Export Strategy module. Our consultants are authors and permanent speakers of the business course as part of the unit for determining the export strategy of an enterprise and assessing export potential.

Due to the fact that a significant part of ASER research projects is done for foreign clients, we have integrated into the process of implementing our projects and abide by the standards of ESOMAR (European Society for the Study of Public Opinion and Market), striving to provide the client with guarantees of high quality research and analytics.

ASER has formed an analytical database for a variety of Belarus industries and markets. Our company has access to the largest Belarusian and international information and statistical databases (Belstat, BelCCI, Euromonitor, Worldstat, Eurostat, Undata, etc.). We maintain partnerships with a number of foreign research organizations. Since 2018, we have been part of the partner network of Orrani Consulting – an international consulting company, covering the need for analytics in Belarus and have access to the network’s resources on global markets.

Our projects

Великий Камень

Marketing research Analysis of the engineering industry of Belarus and the EAEU member countries and identifying the most promising areas for the organization of new production


Marketing research Overview of the best world experience in developing gas station chain


Marketing research On the bank’s ability to meet customer needs of various target segments through banking products and services compared to competing banks

Национальное агентство по туризму РБ

Marketing research Assessment of the tourism potential of the regions of the Republic of Belarus: demand, supply, competition and market trends


Marketing research of the market of hazardous industrial wastes of the Republic of Belarus


Macroeconomic reviews and forecasting of the main macroeconomic indicators for the annual budget formation and plans in Belarus

zeppelin cat

Marketing research Belarusian market of truck tractors

Messer group

Marketing research The market of technical gases in the Republic of Belarus and the determination of Belarusian enterprises needs

Novomatic (Австрия)

Marketing research Analysis of the lottery and gambling market of the Republic of Belarus

ventspils port

Marketing research The development of cargo traffic between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Latvia. The list of Belarusian enterprises interested in establishing production in the European Union and the Republic of Latvia

Eurasian processing company

Market research Belarus IT market research: price benchmarking and the financial condition of the industry

Les International (Msk) Information Technologya

Market research European Union road controllers market

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